BRILHO programme supports farmer in Massingir district

Tecane Ngovene is one of the largest cattle farmers in Gaza province, in the district of Massingir, Tihovene village. In this region, access to energy is limited and most of the infrastructure that exists there relies on solar systems for energy. As it is a protected area there is no lack of wild animals such as lions, hyenas, elephants, snakes and others animals. This makes it imperative to use lighting during the night.

Before buying a solar system, Mr Ngovene lost about 180 goats to attacks by snakes and other animals, and could do nothing about it. Until he decided to install solar lighting kits and from dark nights and loss of livestock, he now has quiet nights and his herd keeps growing.

`Today I can sleep peacefully because I know that with my farm lit up the animals never attacked my cattle again and business is growing. ` - Tecane Ngovene, farmer and beneficiary of BRILHO programme.

In addition to using the energy to light his business, Ngovene also provides lighting to his home that allows his children to study at any time.

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