Key objectives

Increase energy access through innovative private sector provision of, and investment in, off-grid clean energy.

Build a market of off-grid energy businesses able to operate on a sustainable basis.

Build the supporting environment for successful off-grid energy businesses.

Support the Government of Mozambique to develop an off-grid strategy, policy and regulatory environment that embeds the market approach into government systems.

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In 2015, the United Nations member states defined the seventh Sustainable Development Goal as: “Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all”. Subsequently, the Government of Mozambique, the British Government and various international partners signed the Energy Africa Mozambique Compact.

In signing the Compact, parties made a commitment towards improving access to energy for the people of Mozambique. The Launch of the National Programme - Energia Para Todos in 2018, reiterated the Government of Mozambique’s commitment to fulfilling the seventh Sustainable Development Goal and to the Compact. The British Government joins the Government of Mozambique in taking action for the achievement of those goals by establishing the BRILHO – Energy Africa Mozambique programme.

BRILHO’s objective is to improve and increase energy access for people and businesses, leverage the private sector’s innovation and investment capacity, resulting in market growth of clean cooking solutions; solar home systems; and mini-grids.

BRILHO's MDF Support

BRILHO offers selected companies a unique mix of structured non-reimbursable funding and specialised support, to de-risk business initiatives that aim to achieve competitive commercial returns and provide off-grid energy solutions to low-income markets. Alongside, BRILHO supports the sector ecosystem development by improving access to information, setting quality benchmarks and advocating for a better regulatory framework. BRILHO will deploy its efforts through distinct components of action.

BRIHLO has a nationwide coverage, applying a ‘leave no one behind’ strategy. Specific market segments (off-grid rural population, the poorest of the poor, amongst others) in Mozambique are highly isolated and present additional challenges for energy access delivery. Therefore, BRILHO will establish specific incentives to reach those areas and more challenging market segments, as part of its support mechanisms.

Financial Support

Businesses can apply for BRILHO’s MDF financial support to be delivered in the form of the following grants-based mechanisms:

1. Catalytic Grants (CG), to help defray the direct costs and risks associated with starting up and/or scaling their business in the market, intended to cover setup costs and working capital; to be disbursed in advance or on a milestone basis.

2. Results Based Financing (RBF), to provide targeted incentives to the businesses to deliver energy services to more challenging markets and further leverage private sector investment; RBF grant incentive will be disbursed after verification of the reported sales results.

BRILHO’s MDF support will be offered as a mix of all possible combinations from the above-mentioned mechanisms, however RBF will be required in all cases (with the exception of GMG).

Technical Assistance

Next to the financial support, BRILHO’s MDF will make available Technical Assistance (TA), to support businesses to develop business models, plans and/or operational strategies to either enter the Mozambican market or scale their existing activities within it. TA will be rolled out through Business Development Service (BDS) providers, who will be able to provide customised support

The Consortium

BRILHO is a consortium led by SNV Netherlands Development Organisation along with Practical Action Consulting (PAC), MARGE as partners, and GreenLight and Catalyst as a service provider.

The consortium assembles a team of international and local specialists with a unique combination of experience in markets where solutions to the energy access challenges have been tried and tested.

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