Collection of Regulations and Instruments in the scope of energy access in off-grid areas

Guidelines for Applicants 2022: Off Grid Solar & Improved Cooking Solutions

MDF Guidelines - New design, No changes in content!


Includes "setting up a business" section.

Includes "setting up a business" section.

Terms of Reference for procurement of equipment and material for green mini grids

Extension of the proposal submission deadline No.26/OPSNV/2021 - ToR FOR THE ACQUISITION OF EQUIPMENT AND MATERIALS FOR MINI GRIDS (GMG)

Regulation on access to energy in off-grid areas (Decreto 93/2021)

MZ Regulation on Technical Norms and Safety (RN 3/ARENE-CA/2022) and Service Quality and Commercial Relationships (RN 4/ARENE-CA/2022)

MZ Regulation on Tariffs (RN 1/ARENE-CA/2022)

MZ Regulation on Interconnection (RN 2/ARENE-CA/2022)

Lean Data Insights Aggregate Report _ Round 1

Productive use of Energy: Market Research- Off-grid summary

Ministerial Decree No. 68/2023 of 31 May

Ministerial Decree No. 84/2023 of 07 June

BRILHO Micro Economic Impact Study

Lean Data Insights Aggregate Report _ Round 2