BRILHO programme helps families to realize dream of having energy in their homes

Maria Machaiche is a coal seller living in Mapinhane, Vilanculos, Inhambane. She always dreamed of having electricity in her house but never thought that this dream could come true and thus improve her family's income. The nights of Mrs Maria and her family have become brighter and are no longer the same, thanks to the solar system that was purchased from one of the companies supported by the BRILHO programme, an initiative financed by the UK and Swedish governments and implemented by SNV.

"In the old days my family and I would have a very hard time without power. As soon as it was 6pm and we couldn't do anything else because we had no light. As I'm a saleswoman, sometimes customers would come but without light it was very difficult to sell. With these bulbs now my children can also study until later and I can still earn some money. - Maria Machaiche

After having acquired a basic solar system, composed of three lamps, in addition to having her house illuminated, Maria also uses the system to charge the mobile phones of the neighbours who have no energy at home.

And because dreaming doesn't take up space, when she finishes paying for the current solar system package, Maria Machaiche intends to upgrade to a kit that allows her to have home appliances as well.

Maria Machaiche is just one example of Mozambican women who are improving their lives with access to solar energy.

BRILHO: We boost companies, we light up lives!