When there is determination, nothing can stop the man and Geremias Araújo is an example of this

Since he was a child, Geremias has always worked making and selling bread. Last year, he decided to buy a basic solar system kit to light up his house and his bakery for 24 hours a day. As a way to increase his income, Geremias decided that in 2023 he would build a cinema room, as a new entertainment option for the community, since in the Mapinhane neighbourhood there is a lack of entertainment activities, as it is an off-grid area. Unfortunately, in March 2023, Geremias saw his construction project hit by Cyclone Fredy, thus delaying his plans. Despite the damage, construction work has resumed and the cinema will soon be up and running.

"I always had small businesses, but I was very limited because I didn't have power at home. Until I learnt about the possibility of buying solar panels for lighting. Having energy at home opened my mind to build a cinema room here in the Mapinhane neighbourhood." - Geremias Araújo

The cinema room will be made from local materials (stakes and wood) but will have everything the community needs to have a few hours of entertainment and access to informative content. With this, Geremias will earn some money to continue to increase his income and fulfil his dreams.

The productive use of solar systems is already a reality in Mozambique and represents a great opportunity to catalyse business initiatives of thousands of Mozambican entrepreneurs to increase their income.

Solar systems are supplied by specialised local and international companies, with guaranteed quality products, financing plan options and after-sales technical service.

The solar companies are being supported by the BRILHO programme, an initiative funded by the UK and Swedish governments, and implemented by SNV.