SNV and ARENE sign MoU for the operationalisation of the regulatory framework for access to energy in off-grid areas in Mozambique

SNV Mozambique (Netherlands Development Organisation) and ARENE (Energy Regulatory Authority), under the implementation of the BRILHO programme, signed today, 8th June 2022, in Maputo, a Memorandum of Understanding aiming at creating synergies between the two institutions to maximize the positive impact of the energy access initiatives in off-grid areas in Mozambique.

The MoU define the scope of SNV's support to ARENE, within the scope of the BRILHO programme, for its component of regulatory environment development and institutional reform, in Mozambique.

The Government of Mozambique has indicated its commitment to encourage the private sector to participate in small-scale electrification projects in remote and rural areas, in an off-grid electricity supply regime, and to this end approved the Decree No. 93/21 on the 14 September 2021, which regulates the Access to Energy in Off-Grid Areas.

In this context, the BRILHO programme is supporting with technical assistance and financing private sector companies that want to operate energy services and implement mini-grid projects, as well as supporting public and government institutions in the development and operationalisation of the regulatory framework.

The two organisations will work in partnership to draft the regulatory framework, promoting gender equality in off-grid projects, digitising internal processing and management processes at the ARENE level, as well as disseminating relevant policies and legislation and building the institutional capacity of ARENE and off-grid sector participants to ensure the correct, transparent, and rapid operationalisation of regulated processes.

ARENE, as the regulator of the energy sector in Mozambique, has the task of establishing the rules and procedures that will encourage a healthy, transparent, competitive, and prosperous business environment.

With this memorandum, SNV commits to support ARENE's efforts in energy access in off-grid areas and is confident that we will achieve the goals of electrification and universal access in Mozambique by 2030.