Use of renewable energy in off-grid areas generates savings for low-income families

The BRILHO programme, funded by the UK and Swedish governments and implemented by SNV, carried out descriptive quantitative research this year with the aim of measuring the economic impact that the off-grid energy products supported by the programme are having on the lives of the low-income population in Mozambique, focusing on the provinces of Gaza, Inhambane, Sofala, Manica, Tete and Nampula.

As for ICS customers, they reported saving a minimum of five hundred three MZN per month on fuel and one thousand seven hundred and twenty-nine MZN on the purchase of an entry-level product in the market.

With the value of savings, the majority of end users invest in improving their food, education and expanding their businesses.

I have now increased my income by expanding my business. Now I can keep my small stall open at night and I have started a phone charging and TV watching business. It has only been possible due to the SHS.” – Says Male, SHS customer from Nampula

“I am very happy with the product, it helped me grow my cake baking business, being fast to light up and cook with I now time to double the amount of cakes I prepared, to leave dinner prepared for my children and attend school.” – says Female, ICS customer from Nampula

Read the full study here and find out more about the microeconomic impact of the BRILHO programme.