BRILHO programme lights up the lives of 2.2 million people with renewable energy and confirms its extension and continuity until 2026

The BRILHO Programme has reached a significant milestone by providing access to renewable energy to more than 2.2 million people in communities in off-grid areas in all of Mozambique's provinces. This remarkable initiative, dedicated to promoting sustainability and universal access to clean energy, has been a source of hope and progress for millions of Mozambicans.

These results were achieved by the BRILHO programme by the first quarter of 2024 in all provinces, with access to electricity and thermal energy, of which 1,332,230 people benefited from solar systems and 920,790 people from improved cooking solutions, also contributing to the reduction of emissions of more than 560,000 tonnes of CO2. In addition, more than 32,000 micro and small entrepreneurs are making productive use of the technology to generate income in various economic activities, thus contributing to local economic development.

Since its inception, the BRILHO programme has mobilised £33.7 million in additional private finance for the renewable energy sector and created 1,971 new jobs.  The programme has also provided technical support to the Government of Mozambique in drafting the regulatory framework for off-grid areas, making Mozambique a more attractive market for investors in the renewable energy sector.

As a way of reaching more Mozambicans with access to clean energy, SNV and the governments of the United Kingdom and Sweden have formalised the extension of the BRILHO programme until October 2026, with an additional contribution of £8.7 million, bringing the total funding for the programme to £38 million.

This additional support demonstrates recognition of the results achieved, as well as the ongoing commitment of these partners to promoting sustainability and development in Mozambique. This extension will allow the programme to continue to expand its reach and impact, benefiting even more people across the country.

In this way, the BRILHO programme reaffirms its commitment to boosting sustainable development and improving the quality of life of communities in off-grid areas.